Remote Timer Software

Simplify your time tracking at your axe throwing facility

How it Works

Are you curious to see just how our timer software can help your business? Watch this instructional video to see how our remote timer software works. Interested in outfitting your axe throwing facility with our remote timers? Click the button below to learn more!

About Us

Our timer software has been developed by an axe throwing team to help the managing of lanes easier. Our software allows your axe throwing team to track lane times from the front counter! You no longer have to walk by lanes to check the length of time that remains. No long term contracts! Our low monthly prices don’t lock you into a longterm deal. Check out our packages by clicking the link below.

Easy Setup

As soon as you choose a package that best suits your axe throwing business, we will send you the resources and equipment you need to properly set up the timers.


Affordable Pricing

The packages we offer are both affordable AND do not lock you into long-term contracts. Check out our affordable options by clicking the button below!

Service and Support

Our knowledge base and support team are always available to assist you in the setup process along with support for questions you may have after installation.

Become a Beta Tester

Want to be one of the first to test our timer software? Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you!

Ready to Sign Up?

Questions? Contact us today.

Do you have questions about our timer software? We are here to help. Fill out the contact form and one a member of our team will be in contact with you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to enter a longterm contract?

No, you do not have to enter a longterm contract. Our packages are offered at a price per month.


Is support available?

Absolutely! Our support team is working around the clock to ensure we answer all of your questions quickly.


Will I be taught how to use the birthday software?

You will have access to all of our tutorials and knowledge base as soon as you purchase a package.

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